Welcome to Mystic Wolves Roleplay. I am Lilly, the site owner, and Alpha of the Star Pack. Please make sure you read the rules before you get straight into the rp, as I don't want you to get in trouble. You can find news, new events, and ranks needed on the side on the right! Register, or sign in on the right as well!  Have fun!

Fate said to the wolf, ''You cannot withstand this storm."

The wolf replied with a innocent smile "I am the storm."

~ Quote made by the internet

Here's a bit of info about the site!

This wolf role-play site is a bit different than normal packs. Any female in the packs are allowed to have pups. The two betas of the pack DO NOT have to be mates, however the alphas do. Ranks in a pack are: Alphas, Betas, warriors, recruits, apprentices, pups, queens, elders. 

Every full moon, all packs gather at Hawthorn's Peak to howl at the moon together. Only warriors, recruits, apprentices, one alpha, and one beta attend. The alpha chooses who goes and who does not. If the following wolves do not attend, peace will be set off balance, and the Sky Pack will be angry.

There are three packs, Starpack, Sunpack and Moonpack. Sky Pack is the pack of the heavens, and it is where all dead wolves go. 

The Staff

The people who make things possible and updated

Enchanting Lilly


Hi! I am Lilly, the site owner! I am also the pack leader of Starpack, and proud to be a role-player. You'll mainly find me in Starpack, as  have yet to make a wolf for other packs. 
I am know as Le Lilly on WCP.



Hello everyone, my name is Diablo. I am the alpha of the sunpack. I am one of the admins on the site and owner of my own sites. You can find me on WCP as The Hidden Little Raven as well. I hope to see you around the site c:



Finn add stuff about yourself here if you want or pm Diablo or Lilly.



Crow add stuff about yourself here if you want or pm Diablo or Lilly.

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Please remember to sign your wolf up to our 'Adding Wolves' forum!

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Adding Pack Links:

Moonpack (MP)

Starpack (STP) coming soon

Sunpack (SUP)

Skypack (SKP) coming soon


  • Lilly has been appointed as the new alpha of Starpack. She chose Red, and Blue as the pack's new beta's. 
  • Starpack has a new healer. Welcome Crow.
  • Star pack betas needed.

  •  Diablo has been appointed as the new alpha of Sunpack, though they have yet to choose the clan's beta's.
  • Sunpack has a new healer Rocky!

  • Hexx is now the Healer of Moonpack


Coming Soon

Ranks needed

Star pack: Healer apprentice

Sun pack: Beta/s, Healer apprentice.

Moon Pack: Beta/s, Healer, Healer Apprentice. 

New Members