The Rules of Mystic Wolves

Remember; Yes, rules were made to be broken but does it mean it's right? No. Please remember to follow the rules. We will not constantly warn you and any actions will be made to make sure these rules will be followed. When you sign up- you promise to follow these rules. Depending on the rule broken- your punishment will be as followed by Lilly.

1. Being Inappropriate 

We (The staff) will not tolerate kids doing adult-themed things or saying things that will harm someone. This means; Do not bully, Do not swear, Do not speak of anything that is harmful to others or yourself (Drugs, Smoking, Suicide, etc). If you want to speak to someone about it please put it in PMS. No one wants to hear you say 'I'm going to (Enter something bad here)' in roleplay. It shuts down roleplay and makes others feel bad. We are a care-bear site with a love for rp, please talk to your parents about this kind of stuff. This also means keep it kid-friendly and this also means no mating.

2. Making a Character

Wolves have many colors and are not just one color based normally. Some wolves are blends of browns and whites, others blacks and grays. Many wolves have more then 4+ colors. Please use these to sometimes be a match of a pack. (Example: Sunpack would have light colors, Moonpack may have dark colors). Eyes can be any amount of color but we will not accept mood-eyes or rainbow eyes. 1-2 color mixes that match (Maybe blue/green or yellow/amber). We do not want to see purple wolves with one red, blue, green eye and the other eye pink, yellow, and brown.

Making a character also means naming it. We do not want insane and crazy names like 360noscope or Strawberrysmoothie. We want the names to be realistic and have something to do with wolves actually know. If you have questions on names just go to the staff!

3. Teleporting, Powers, Etc

Wolves were not born with the ablities to teleport place to place. If your in the alpha den when your also hunting with the same character- that is unrealistic. We do not accept pack-jumpers and wolves going off pack to pack neither as it would be a shame to the pack it grew up in. (Example: Maria was born in Moonpack but left to join Sunpack for a while but then moving to Starpack and then leaving for Moonpack or Sunpack again). Wolves are loyal and proud of their homes normally. This teleporting also adds in with Powers. Powers are flying, picking up rocks the size of mountains, crushing rocks with your own eyes, etc. These shouldn't be on your characters bios nor in rp unless given to you by a admin.

There is also one more factor of these powers, that is Powerplay. Powerplay is when you roleplay someones reactions or characters, when your character is unstoppable, when your wolf is 'god-like' and when you give no one time to respond and run on with a attack. (Example: Lilly raced forward towards Diablo knocking him off his paws and sending him to the ground. She bit into his neck so hard blood poured out. Lilly never let go and pinned him down. OR... Lilly raced toward Diablo and knocked him off his paws pinning him. She bit his neck and killed him.) Both are wrong. You must get permission to kill someones character and give them time to react.

Some powers are different though, until recently you are able to have wings on your characters but please don't make wolves with wings constantly- it takes the fun and rarity away. You must ask Lilly or staff to have wings. Do not just make them without asking.

4. Highranks

Highranks are chosen and earned, not being bothersome and continue to ask the alphas and healers. Highranks are earned and we (The Staff) cannot express this enough. Highranks should also be active and been on the site for about a month or two before trying to earn one. Highranks will choose when they are ready. It is not the other way around.

This also means publicly asking if wolves want to be a highrank. This is unfair and shuts off others from trying to earn the rank. Favoritism shouldn't be in a Highrank choosing vocabulary! Lines are not acceptable

(example: Lilly chooses Person 1, Person 1 chooses Person 2, Person 2 chooses Person 3)

This also means no back-lining.

(example: Lilly chooses Person 1, Person 1 chooses 2, then 2 chooses Lily)

This is completely unfair, and double accounting isn't fair neither. All wolves and people should get a chance at a rank BEFORE a highrank decides.

5. Plots and Prophecies

Plots and Prophecies must be accepted by the staff before anything takes place. (Example: A large battle against two packs would need acceptance from staff and the alphas). Side-plots (Example: Your character fighting a badger) would be ok as long as it's allowed in roleplay. You are welcome to give ideas out but do not make them without permission. If your in a plot (Example: Fire) and you disregard what was suppose to happen or happening (Lets say a den caved in) and you went in the cave anyway (even tho its collapsed) would be a no.

6. Editing Your Signatures

When we started off early, we got many people with large text (example: Lilly WAS HERE)

That takes up forum space and it makes the roleplay look insignificant. Please keep them at the small size as normal with little text.

7. Roleplay Styles

You are asked to roleplay like the following;

Lilly padded forward, her green eyes settled on the young pups in front of her. "You two should be in the nursery." (Remember we have a ban on pups sneaking out)


*Lilly padded forward, her green eyes settled on the young pups in front of her.* "You two should be in the nursery." (Remember we have a ban on pups sneaking out)